Yuudachi & Aokos story

Chapter list:
~This RP was written from me and Kiloby~

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Also the Story will be AT LEAST 20 Chatpters long.)
Chapter 01: Try and Error
Chapter 02: Workout for shrunken girls
Chapter 03: Flushed down
Chapter 04: too close to giant girls
Chapter 05: Save!
Chapter 06: Back to normal
Chapter 07: One day for Two
Chapter 08: How to be cruel
Chapter 09: Cruel End…
Chapter 10: Back Down!
Chapter 11: A little bit evil…
Chapter 12: Returning the Shrink ray?
Chapter 13: Cute tiny Girlfriend <3
Chapter 14: Shopping time!
Chapter 15: She deserved it!
Chapter 16: Tiny Bunny girls <3
Chapter 17: Seeking for help
Chapter 18: Fun with 4 Pets pt.1
Chapter 19: Fun with 4 Pets pt.2
Chapter 20: Fairies?!
Chapter 21: Don’t mess with a shrink ray!
Chapter 22: Itty bitty survival
Chapter 23: Epilogue