Touhou Sauna

just a simple short Picture Story, i’ll upload it in ‘Times’. To explain these, with Times i mean something like frames, cause i have 5 Shrunken characters and i dont want to upload every time more than 5 pictures or something like that XD i’ll upload just 1 Time at once, the picture upload will be more or less random, but at least one week between them. but to be nice, i’l start with Time 1-3 (5 Pictures) I’ll write in the picture description the Picture number and time number, so if you only want to follow one character you can do that by picking her pictures and whatch one time from them after another (…. maybe a … too complex explaination … sorry fot that XD but xS wenn thats how i am xD i cant explain stuff in an easy way >_<)
Characters in this Picture Story:
sizes are from the basic story till now, cause that takes the main part, i won’t write changes so i don’t spoiler anyone here XD

Sakuya Izayoi
Yukari Yakumo (ohh i love her mmd model *_*)
Sanae Kochiya
Renko Usami

Maribel Han
Hong Meiling
Patchouli Knowledge
Momiji Inubashiri