Hi everyone^^

Maybe it’s new for some of you, but you can help me out a bit if you want.
For that i’ve created a donation button. (that big button above, don’t worry, i know its with twitchalerts but why shouldn’t i use one donation page for all donations.^^°)

But first of all there are a few thinks i have to tell and/or ask you, cause it still is your money.

1. Think about it, if you want to help me a bit, do you realy want to give me your money? (or at least a bit of it) if you realy want you can do, but please be carefull what you write (some people accidentally wrote 100,0$ instead of 10,00$ i don’t want that something like that happens to you^^) because i don’t want to cause you any trouble^^.

2. if you choose to donate me you can leave a message with your donation, please write in that message in what i shall invest your money, shall it go to my Deviantart Paintings? to my giantess content video works? or in my twitch streams? Even thought most of them have the same core > i need a better Computer to make better stuff.

A Short list in what i could invest the money to make better stuff for you or to show you (havn’t listed a new pc there)

Deviantart Paintings

Giantess Content

Twitch Livestream Gaming

a good graphic tablet (can’t work on one without a screen)

pay someone to make custom/unique models. so i wouldn’t have problems with too buggy models anymore…

Good Capture Card

good sounds (so i could finally add some sounds in the videos that not everyone already used xd)

Better Microphone

… well .. Games to show you (maybe also for games you want me to test before you buy it and see that it’s not good^^°)

that were only a few examples that came in my mind in the last 5 minutes XS.

and dont worry i won’t use the money i get from you anything other than the stuff from above.

oh one little think XD for everyone who wants to know my real name^^° you can find it if you donate XD (that was a little mistake of mine XD)

oh btw, if i don’t need donations anymode you make the girls smile^^ (but it’s a long way …..)