2 changes about the main page

2 Changes about the main page (where the 6 links are)
I’ve changes dailymotion to Twitter cause i dont want to upload all stuff again to dailymotion ^^°
and the second is that i’ve already made a new facebook page, you can reach it with the usual button^^

i dont know if i’ll pload the old stuff there but if that accoount also will be deleted or something, well then i’ll just upload … not soooo nice stuff there XS (its annoying to make one account after another i hope thats okay for you^^)

Next is Facebook -.-

oh this is so great, first Daylimothion, now facebook …. some people really me and try do destroy my life -.- at least it looks like it. I’ll make a new Facebook Page later.

Dailymotion Account deactivated

Sorry to tell you that but a few days ago my Dailymotion Account was deactivated, i don’t know why ’cause i got no mail about that. And they don’t answer my reactivation request. soo … well i’ll remove that button in a few days and maybe replace it with something else.

If you still want to watch the videos you always can do that here on my homepage^^