Yuudachi & Aokos Story Characters

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This page contains Basic info’s of all characters that have at least one Post in the story. For up to date infos click on the spoiler section (but only if you think that spoilers are good for you, or if you are up to date!)

Main Characters

She’s one of our main characters, she stole a shrink ray and wanted to shrink down someone for her own pet before everything got messed up and she shrunk down herself too.

Our other main character hat was shrink down by Yuudachi, she is just a normal highschool girl until that day…

Sub Characters

A girl that like to have power over uthers, especially when they are way smaller than her … like toy girls or so…

Nanohas Girlfriend and a pretty nice and sexy girl, she is a pretty kind girl but has a reeeealy deep dark side on her…..

The vice chief of the science club at Yuu’s school. She was responsible for the creation of the shrink ray, as well as a victim of it…

A rather laid back person, who just likes to have fun when possible, as well as showing off her body.

A sweet girl who tries to do her best in any situation, even if there isn’t much she can do…

An average schoolgirl who is optimistic and out to meet her friends when she comes across Fate in town.

The Science Club chief, and the leading creator of the shrink ray. She’s a rather serious person, who knows how dangerous the shrink ray can be.

A maid at a café in town, who isn’t exactly very friendly to her customers.

A fairy who tends to be very clumsy, which often lands her in near death experiences with her short size.