about me

Hi, i’m someone called Reiko-samaa and this is my Website/Homepage/Blog


I think i don’t have to tell why i won’t give my real name away^^°.

I’m from germany, so german is my main language, so it can happen that my english is broken sometimes^^°

After i got help from someone i’ve created this website to gather my works and share them with all off you. All the thinks i upload here are made by me, BUT that don’t mean that i created the models i used for my Videos or the Manga from that i painted picture, please remember that whem watching. If you want to copy some of my stuff and upload it somewhere else, please ask me first and if you get my okay don’t forget to mark me in the credits^^

If you want me to do some request, like a video for you, than i have to say Sorry, but i normaly don’t do requests, but thats not cause i don’t want to, its just hard to make videos that are perfect for the requests (also i don’t want to do every kind of stuff in there) but about picture paintings, well that would maybe work out^^ just ask and show me the mangapage i shall paint. If its okay i’ll do it, if not i’ll let you know^^°.


I’ve made a few more taps on top under “About me!” there you can see what stuff i like, like my favorite anime, manga, characters and more.


Wanna connect me? You can do that mainly through Facebook, (but i’m also every day active in youtube and deviantart)