First Novel Screenshots and Informations and 4 new pictures

Today i have two good news for you.

The first i’ve uploaded the next 4 Pictures to the RPS1-3 (containing Page 16-17 … cause thare are 16 A and B XD sry ’bout that)

but the second and way bigger thing is that i uploadet the first few Screenshots from my Visual Novel (but in a bit smaller size^^° [799x449px] maybe later screenshots will be bigger cause the original size will be 1280x720px) i also addet a new menu above where you’ll find the first informations about the Novel and also the screenshots.


Have fun, enjoy and don’t forget to leave feed back^^

Welcome to my Dimension

Hello and Welcome, with this i’ll open my Website so you can comment and watch Pictures, Videos and more.
There still are a few things that aren’t finished cause i don’t have anything ready to fill them up, like the Original Character page. Well i hope you like my page, feel free to stay as long as you want.