something important for comments

I try to keep this as short as possible. Because of some comments with (beside the typical spam comments) i get a few that don’t look like some kind of promotion / advertising in the first place, but that kind of commant always is linked with a website like amazon or other sides that directly link you do some kind of shop site.

So, please remember, if i see any amazon line (that links to a product and not to a profile) i’ll delete it before approving your comment.

new pictures

new pictures, well i’ve uploaded already a few new ones since the last update.
This time i upload 8 Pictres, from Number 71 to 74A
and yeah i know in Page 73 and 73A it should be “Bark like a dog” not “Bark like a god” XD well, too late to change XS

sorry about that, i try to check the grammar in the next chapters^^°