4 Months away/pause

okay big informations for all of my followers Q_Q
in the next … 4 month (hopefully) i have no time to make and videos even thought i got a video making program today Q_Q, thats cause i have to go to a … day clinic /day hospital… at least thats what google translate tells me. Well i have some serious problems to work with others, especially in groups .. well at least in real.. works fine online…. And thats why i have to go there to fix that XS i’m there from 8am – 3pm so, 7 hours. + 2 hours to walk and wait for the train to come back home and +1 hour to get up in the morning. after that so from about 4pm i have only 5 hours to do something at home before i have to go to sleep at ~9pm .. as you see 5 hours is not much time for privat stuff like gaming and working on the novel or videos or so Q_Q at least i dont have to go there at the weekend XD but well, if i’m in the mood to work i definitly will work at the storys, videos or so.
You can take that as a pause from mostly anything i could upload for you, sorry about that.
if i’m back earlier than the 4 month .. than it means i messed up and maybe am away for a even longer time xS maybe not can’t tell how long the altenative to the day hospital would be.
Anyway the whole think starts at the 6.1.2016 so in a week.

For short:
I’m away from 6.1.2016 until at least 6.5.2016

no Christmas Special this year

I already announced it on facebook and to make it short.

There won’t be a Christmas Speacial this year.

sorry to tell you that, but i still dont have a programm to edit my videos and also i’m realy not in the mood to do anything right now. i hope i can work more on the visual novel and the “the game” picture story/videos next year.

Happy holidays and merry christmas for all of you, hope we’ll see/chat/write again next year^^

next VN character update

i’ve updated a few characters, the character description is up now.
Also, for the people who didn’t noticed till now, i splitted the Visual novel Project into two parts (after renaming it) so you can find the Visual Novel Demo, and the Visual Novel Project now. The shouldn’t be any new changed for the Demo anymore so if you wanna be up to date check the Project site and read the news^^

soo and now to the update:

-made the description for the characters (still unrevealed characters should have an XXX instead of the name^^)
-revealed Vert/Green Heart
-revealed Blanc/White Heart
-revealed Nepgear/Purple Sister
-revealed Plutia/Iris Heart

not much till now but i still have to paint all the sprites so it takes some time^^° i don’t thin there will be something else in the updated till i finished it xD

Visual Novel Update

short update about the Visual Novel i make, it could take a while longer to finish it, i thought about painting the Character Portraits myself, so i can add characters like adult neptune from Neptunia VII and maybe also Portraits with the characters only in towels (well yeah in VII are some of them too) cause PS4 games aren’t soooo easy to … well lets just say ‘break open’ xD its hart for me to get the sprites i need. well maybe that’ll be the fastest way^^.
(thinking about changing the story too so i use a different main character than the usual nepnep xD. But .. well we’ll see^^)

Touhou Sauna new pictures + RP Story Chapter 2

i uploaded the, for now, last pictures of the Touhou Sauna. … why last? well i have to make more but i’m not rly in the mood for that right now so it will take a while, thats also why i can’t say a release date^^°

And for the other thing, I’ve released the 2nd Chapter of the RP story. Hope you’ll like it^^°

picture story preview:

released: Rp Story chapter 1

i updated the rp story part a few seconds ago^^ there is a chapter one now so have fun while reading it. for everyone who doesnt know that it it. its something like a story. but i would prefer calling it a ‘RP Log’ cause its what A-chan and i wrote together^^° you can find it in toe “RP Stories” > “Chapters” Taps above^^

Touhou Sauna Page 66-70

The 5 new pictures, one day to late xD sorry for that, next week come the … well .. for a while last touhou sauna pictures cause that were all i have on stock^^°
If i can work fast enough you maybe see The Game 3 in the week after that^^ (but onyl maybe XD)

New Video & New Pictures

Well for me its about Midnight xS so its maybe a bit late but here are the new pictures. And also the 2nd Game! x3 i hope you like it^^
The Pictures for the Picture Story Touhou Sauna can be found in the right tap, on facebook, twitch but also on my new deviantart account^^
The 2nd Game: