QnA Video 2 Questions^^


Sooo I’ve started to gather the Questions for my 2nd QnA Video, you can write your questions here in the Comments, on Facebook, Youtube or even Twitter, i will use Questions from every page^^.
In the video i’ve uploaded is everything said^^. In 1-2 Weeks i will delete close that video so that no one can ask questions anymore and start to creat the video^^.

spam accounts xd

looks like there are a few spam accounts incoming since i’ve opened the option to register. So sorry if i hit somone of you with this but cause i only know a few E-mail pages i have to delete every account that will register with a certain @website…

well to let you know from which sites that are i make a list here:
– @menherbalenhancement.com
– @alastermymann.ceramiccoffecups.com
– @dropshippingrich.com
– @docs.zonerig.com
– @rodtookjing.com
– @protrendcolorshop.com

cause that may are virus sides or so, i would like you not to go on these sites (if you already know them and they are okay please tell me^^°)
btw, i do that cause every user uses a bit of data, if i have too much the server may slows down ^^° (or gets full, and we dont want that to happen until i really get so much fans and not only some spam accounts^^°)

if you dont get why i think these are spam sites… well … a e-mail website with “shop” in name (for example) doesn’t sound llike a normal e-mail website to me …..

maybe its wrong from me.. but hey^^° safety first right^^?

New Chapter for Yuudachis and Aokos Story^^ (Ch.2)


Sry, my bad XD I should’ve uploaded this way earlier but i totally forgot Q_Q

Well here is the new chapter now, and next time should be 2 chapters again.. at least i think so xS but i don’t wanna promise anything yet^^.

What i can tell you is, i’m working on the Visual Novel a bit more right now and i’m sure a few of you will love it^^. But as every game, it still will take Months until it’s done (hopefully not years ^^°)

Anyway, the new chapter (direct link):

Chapter 02: Workout for shrunken girls

hope you like it^^ if you do, leave a comment^^