Start of a new Story


Cause i can’t do much right now i’m going to upload the RP storys i still have one after another, first it will be Senran Kagura, afterwards…. well … dunno right now, but the Senran Kagura story should more or less be the only one that was checked for grammar^^° so i hope you won’t mind too much.

you can find the first two chapters with the links bellow, also in the menu above you can find the link to the story index and the link to the characters now, even thought the characters are only name and picture until now (sorry about that Q_Q its been a while since the RP was written)

Chapter 01: Shopping Fun
Chapter 02: Hibari’s ‘pet’

Short news


So for all to know, i’m not dead XD even thought the weather is killing me Q_Q damn summer.
But there is one little reason why i can’t upload much new stuff^^° i have a job at the moment, i know that not a good reason, but i don’t really simply wanna do something and upload it if i’m only create it to upload it, i think stuff like that would now be good so i will make sometime as soon as i can think about something good and really wanna make it again^^ hope you can wait until then.

character favorites updated^^


updated the character favorites for now, there are still a few animes/mangas and games missing in that list but i told ya why in a little text in there^^
if you’re interested to know who one of the characters is, just ask^^

what will come next


I know most of you wanna know when the next video will come, or the next picture storys or stuff like that…. but sorry, its simply to hot to work Q_Q. Cause of that fu**ing summer i think i simply will try to update the “about me” section and add a bit more precise stuff, like what favorite characters i have from which anime or so. i know most of you aren’t interested in stuff like that (stuff about: what i like) and only wanna see more GTS stuff XD but weeell, looks like you have to wait^^°. But, can happen that i will upload a few random MMD picture in mid-summer or so^^

RP Story Chapter list changes


Soo cause WordPress or my style changed something that i can’t fix^^° (cause i dunno how XD) I changed the main chapter list that shows up if you press “RP Stories > Chapters” in the headline, there is a list of all chapters released. That also means that i removed the Chapter links from the Headline cause with that odd update you won’t be able to reach the later chapters of a story^^. I hope you don’t mind that, its still pretty easy to find and shouldn’t make any problems^^

Link to the chapter List of all Stories

Also i think i’ll upload the QnA Video this week^^ even though its “not as good as i hoped for” i still hope you will like it. if its released i will post new news here^^

Last 3 chapters released^^


I’ve released the last 3 chapters by now aaaand well, until the next season starts it may take a while but i try upload the QnA Video soon, just dunno how long it’ll take^^° maybe i’ll upload it coming week, BUUUUUT there is one thing, don’t hope for too much of the video, i don’t think its good so i only will upload it on youtube and here you will get a link to that when its there as well as a QnA Picture stuff of it later^^

Chapter 21: Don’t mess with a shrink ray!
Chapter 22: Itty bitty survival
Chapter 23: Epilogue