Reiko & A-Chans Story Characters

The RP Stories are nothing so much, but maybe long^^ I write a rp with a friend of mine (A-chan x3) and i’m allowed to upload them and show them to you, so have fun while reading, but don’t expact too much okay^^

Under construction^^
This page contains Basic info’s of all characters that have at least one Post in the story. For up to date infos click on the spoiler section (but only if you think that spoilers are good for you, or if you are up to date!)

Main Characters

Reiko is one main character and the one i play, the RP is around her and A-Chan, so it’ll always focus on one of them.

Reiko is one main character and the one A-chan plays (obviously), the RP is around her and Reiko, so it’ll always focus on one of them.

Sub Characters
Reikos Friends

Aoko is one of Reikos friends with a … a bit closer relationship, even thought her parents don’t know she’s into other girls what always makes some problems for the two of them.

Sonico is another of Reikos friends, she’s a realy nice girl.

Ara is Sonicos Girlfriend and likes to >play< and we every know what that’s suppose to mean <3

A-chans Friends & Family

A-Chans little sis

Characters without relationship to Reiko or A-Chan
Yagami Family

Reinforce Yagami
Reinforce, or Rein for short, is Tweis older blood related sister. She is a nice girl but also has her serious sides if its about people or things she likes.

Twei Yagami
Originally called Reinforce Twei Yagami, everyone calls her Twei. Even thought she is one of the Yagami family the only blood related sister of her is Reinforce. (thats also the onyl blood relationship in the whole family all other girls where adopted by Hayates Mother)

Hayate Yagami
The Oldest girl in the Yagami family and also the only Born Yagami. she as well as Shamal replaced her mother when she died and is always there if something happens or if her sisters want something.

Shamal Yagami
Shes a pretty kind girl who’S studying medicine.

Signum Yagami
Signum is a … well .. sometimes she is a bit odd, she usually is serious in what she does and don’t get funny ideas. So it seems at least.

Vita Yagami
Vita, as well as Agito is a tomboy girl, it’s not rare for her to do something that brings her in trouble.

Agito Yagami
A Tomboy young girl who fights pretty much with Twei and brings herself in trouble pretty much.


Rena is a girl from Signums and Reins school even thought they don’t know her.