4 Months away/pause

okay big informations for all of my followers Q_Q
in the next … 4 month (hopefully) i have no time to make and videos even thought i got a video making program today Q_Q, thats cause i have to go to a … day clinic /day hospital… at least thats what google translate tells me. Well i have some serious problems to work with others, especially in groups .. well at least in real.. works fine online…. And thats why i have to go there to fix that XS i’m there from 8am – 3pm so, 7 hours. + 2 hours to walk and wait for the train to come back home and +1 hour to get up in the morning. after that so from about 4pm i have only 5 hours to do something at home before i have to go to sleep at ~9pm .. as you see 5 hours is not much time for privat stuff like gaming and working on the novel or videos or so Q_Q at least i dont have to go there at the weekend XD but well, if i’m in the mood to work i definitly will work at the storys, videos or so.
You can take that as a pause from mostly anything i could upload for you, sorry about that.
if i’m back earlier than the 4 month .. than it means i messed up and maybe am away for a even longer time xS maybe not can’t tell how long the altenative to the day hospital would be.
Anyway the whole think starts at the 6.1.2016 so in a week.

For short:
I’m away from 6.1.2016 until at least 6.5.2016

no Christmas Special this year

I already announced it on facebook and to make it short.

There won’t be a Christmas Speacial this year.

sorry to tell you that, but i still dont have a programm to edit my videos and also i’m realy not in the mood to do anything right now. i hope i can work more on the visual novel and the “the game” picture story/videos next year.

Happy holidays and merry christmas for all of you, hope we’ll see/chat/write again next year^^