Touhou Sauna new pictures + RP Story Chapter 2

i uploaded the, for now, last pictures of the Touhou Sauna. … why last? well i have to make more but i’m not rly in the mood for that right now so it will take a while, thats also why i can’t say a release date^^°

And for the other thing, I’ve released the 2nd Chapter of the RP story. Hope you’ll like it^^°

picture story preview:

released: Rp Story chapter 1

i updated the rp story part a few seconds ago^^ there is a chapter one now so have fun while reading it. for everyone who doesnt know that it it. its something like a story. but i would prefer calling it a ‘RP Log’ cause its what A-chan and i wrote together^^° you can find it in toe “RP Stories” > “Chapters” Taps above^^

Touhou Sauna Page 66-70

The 5 new pictures, one day to late xD sorry for that, next week come the … well .. for a while last touhou sauna pictures cause that were all i have on stock^^°
If i can work fast enough you maybe see The Game 3 in the week after that^^ (but onyl maybe XD)

New Video & New Pictures

Well for me its about Midnight xS so its maybe a bit late but here are the new pictures. And also the 2nd Game! x3 i hope you like it^^
The Pictures for the Picture Story Touhou Sauna can be found in the right tap, on facebook, twitch but also on my new deviantart account^^
The 2nd Game:

The 1st Game

The 1st game is released, you can watch it here or on the Page 3 of my videos
sorry that i cant upload the full version on youtube but i think that one here should be okay too, i like my account too much to get a 3rd strike Q_Q

“The Game” Page

I’ve added a “The Game” Page to the website, cause i plan on making more than just one episode of it (and hopefully can really make more than just one XD) so you can watch the characters that are already used or are planed to use in it^^.
heres the link:
and it will be updated if there’s something new to know^^