The Cards

For the cards, i don’t own the look of the cards now do i own the pictures in the border. so please don’t ask if i could draw anything like that, but if you want you can ask for the artist^^ (i’ll answer if i remember^^°).

[Aware] between Boob play

One normal-sized Character will play with the Target between her Breasts.
[Aware] between Feet play

One of the normal-sized Girls curshes the target under her Feet. (no death)
[Aware] Boob Crush

One of the normal-sized Girls curshes the target under her breasts. (no death)
[Aware] Butt Crush

A normal-sized will sit down on the target bury her under her butt.
[Aware] Foot Crush

One of the normal-sized girls crushes the target under her foot (no death’s^^°)
[Aware] Foot Play

One of more of the Girls gonna play with the Target under her Feet.
[Aware] In Food Vore

The Target will land on something to eat before she’s gonna be eaten by one of the normal girls. (no death)
Childs toy for Life

The Target will be a tiny Doll-sized toy for a little or young girl for life time. She can never be returned to normal.
Double Boob Crush

The Target will be placed between the beasts of two girls before they slowly cursh her between them while they play. (no death)
Grow Card

The Only way for the tiny girls to get back to normal, one will be in every game and it only can target one tiny girl.
[Pet Forever]

The Target will be the pet for a normal-sied girl forever. She’ll nerver be normal again. The normal-sized Girl can also be a Player or the Gamemaster.
Shrink Card

The Target will be shrunk down in size, one of the few cards that can used on the Gamemaster but doesn’t must be used on her. The target will shrink down to 1/10th or 1/100th.
[Unaware] Boob Crush

A normal-sized will unknowingly bury the target under one of her breasts.
[Unaware] Butt Crush

One of the normal-sized girls unknowingly sits on the tiny target, or slips and falls on her with her butt.
[Unaware] Foot Crush

A normal-sized girls unknowingly steps on the Target and crushes her under her Foot/Boot. (no death)
[Unaware] Freedom

The Target will be teleported aware, unaware to everyone she’ll be free to go at her tiny size, but no one will ever recognize her as a tiny human being.
[Unaware] Inshoe Crush

The Target will be teleportet in the Shoe of a girl thats about to but it on, the target will at least stay in there ’till the girl finished dressing.