“The Game”

The Game is a Video Series i’m gonna make.
A few different Characters take place in this videos that represent some of my community friends and subscribers^^

The Rules
Before every game starts there will be Strawpoll(‘s) for each Player, and after the poll has ended i start making the Full Video.
The Top 1-3 Cards will be drawn by the player that was mentioned in the Poll.
In every Game will be 1 or 2 Players and each player will draw 1 – 3 cards, also there will be tiny previous Players that can be targets for the cards.
Each card will trigger an effect like shrinking the target and making a girl play with her or something like that.
The Player Party wins if they can use the Shrink card on the Gamemaster and the Gamemaster can’t get a grow card to use it on herself. The Gamemaster wins if at the Games end all Player are shrunk down and can’t grow themselfs back.
Also there can only be one Winner in every game (if both Players are still big at the end of a Game there have to be a 2nd part after the next game, or the player play the game against each other. using the remaining cards.)

If the Gamemaster is shrunken down in a game, she will be replaced from her substitute ’cause she should be to small to flip the cards.
After the Gamemaster loses a Game completely, the next game will have a new Gamemaster, maybe the winner of the last game.

questions below.